Quail H Farms, LLC currently farms over 1,000 acres of productive cropland in and around Merced County, California.  Our total production volume, while varying from year to year, averages approximately 30-40 million pounds of sweet potatoes annually.  Of our total farmed acreage, approximately sixty percent is farmed using conventional farming methods (i.e. traditional fertilizers, approved pest and weed control, etc.) while the remaining forty percent is farmed using organic methods (organically certified fertilizers, no pesticides or herbicides, etc.). 

Conventional Farming:
The science of farming expands its knowledgebase each and every year.  New products, techniques, methods and technology continually evolve which provide opportunities for us to incorporate improvements into our operation.  Through increased use of these industry advancements we are able to operate efficiently and in turn provide quaility produce to market at competitive prices.

Organic Farming:
As with conventional farming, our organic operation embraces industry advancements also.  While organic farming is challenging and often costly, we pride ourselves on our organic certification and compliance  program and we continue to strive to make improvements in the quaility and quantity of our organic yields

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